IH Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen Spanish School

  • Welcome to the Spanish School at IH Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen... Or perhaps you've come to train as a teacher?

  • Looking back out on to the street... Sure, we can stroll down to the beach right away, but come inside first and have a look round!

  • Out in our patio... You can tell it's tropical, can't you (and from the Mexican flag that there must be a game on later!)?

  • We're in the bar area, just relaxing after class (or before it, maybe!)

  • As we're kind of a small, family sort of school it's a real fun place to study.

  • Actually, they're being a bit noisy, aren't they. Let's find somewhere nice and quiet...

The school building

10 years of IHRMThe school is located in the very centre of Playa del Carmen, on Calle 14 Norte 171 [ map ], just two blocks from the beach.

The school consists of two adjoining buildings: a colonial style house with a domed roof and terrace at the front which houses the reception, two large student apartments and a new, purpose-built building at the back that contains the teachers' room, the study room, the Internet access room, offices, the classrooms and two more student apartments.

There are 10 spacious classrooms in total, all with air-conditioning and views of the garden, which is full of exotic trees and plants. There is also the bar area in the garden where students can relax and socialise after class.

Separate from the school buildings themselves, a five-minute walk away, we also have our popular student residence.

There are dozens of bars, restaurants and shops nearby.

Internet access

The Internet Room at IH Riviera Maya is used regularly for Spanish classes. A typical Internet activity will involve searching Spanish websites for information and students work together with one computer so that they are constantly talking (in Spanish!) about the materials they find as well as the task itself.

When the Internet room is not being used for teaching, it is available for use by students. You can reserve a computer for 30 minutes a day but -- if no one else wants it -- can in fact use it for as long as you wish.

There are several Internet cafés near the school, which offer Internet access for as little as 2 US$ per hour.


We have a cafeteria located in the school garden, which is open form 08.30 to 20.30 Monday to Friday and from 09.30 to 13.30 on Saturdays.

The café provides hot and cold food and drink all day long, so you can come and have breakfast in the school before class, or stay and have lunch after class.

Food served includes many typical Mexican dishes such as quesadillas and nachos, and we also make a variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices. You'll never look at a Big Mac again...!

(You love Big Macs? Well, don't panic: if you don't like the idea of going ethnic, there are two sets of Golden Arches in Playa del Carmen where you will be able to get them!)

If you really get into Mexican food (and lots of our students do!), you'll probably be interested in our Mexican cooking classes...

Accreditation for our courses


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